March 30, hundreds of JM overseas family members are coming back to China and attend the company’s 6th anniversary celebration ceremony to be held in Shanghai April 2.

Early in the morning at 5:00 am, JM HQ staff with symbolic orange overcoat have already been waiting at Shanghai Pudong airport and Hongqiao airport, to pick up family members from across the world at the very moment that arrive thus to extend the company’s warmness and make everybody feel really back home. At 8:00 o’clock, 200 family members from Indonesia and Thailand are our first families coming back. After having a fabulous breakfast, they are taken to a Shanghai tour. And after that, they are taken to Shanghai InterContinental and Marriott Luwan to have a good rest and fully relax themselves. 

In total 600 JM family members, with 8 overseas marketing leaders who have already been recognized as JM overseas strategic committee members (there are 9 in total but unfortunately one leader is unable to come for personal reason) are back to attend the great convention and have a nice 5 days and 4 nights’ stay in China in the coming days. Besides, all management team have also been back to welcome our family members and set growth plan for future of the company. 

As an old Chinese saying--- “Distance separates no bosom friends” goes, being far away also cannot separate all JM family members’ close relation and love. From today on, they will have an amazing trip in Shanghai and Nanjing where JM China is located and then witness together the achievement and glory of the company with over 10, 000 JM Chinese members on April 2.

JM members from all over the world meet at Shanghai.

Shanghai tour for early arrivers.

Check in at luxury 5 star hotel with gift pack