Dubai Branch Expands Business Rapidly

With the joint effort of Dubai branch and our family members, JM has further expanded its business in Middle East region, and from June 2015, product trainings and business presentations are held in Muscat, Salalah in Oman and Doha in Qatar for local enthusiasts by Dubai branch.

The events are well-organized by enthusiastic FFG mentor Raymond Portillano, Oman team leader Mr. Yusuf Escobillo, Middle East regional general manager Mr. KK, regional operations manager Ms. Sheila Maraya and other leaders. Some meetings last till the wee hours in the morning, owing to leaders’ high energy and dedication. On the orientation night held at Holiday Villa Hotel in Doha, most of attendees witness the demonstrations of our products for the first time, and our first Salalah visit gives birth to almost 100% distributors’ sign-up. New team leaders will be trained as mentors under the FFG program. 

Congratulations to our pioneers and new leaders that bring a new developing chance to JM Middle East region. We believe that in the commitment and competence of our leaders and family members, JM can make great progress in the coming years.