Philippines Product Promotion Offers Live Experience

The “One Night Only” product promotion is held at the Bayanihan Center in Manila by JM Philippines branch on July 26th, 2015, with more than 600 attendees. FFG co-founders Dr. Yong, Dr. Teh, top leaders Mark and Sarah Carriaga, Mr. Edd Gloria and Dr. Lulu Marquez, a famous health and wealth doctor, are present in the event. 

During the event, demonstrations on both AlphaSpin and AlphaMeta are conducted, and some attendees are invited to share their experience on the use of these two products. Dr. Lulu Marquez talks about the products’ impact on human health with professional perspective. Several elders in a state of poor health are treated with AlphaMeta and AlphaSpin with the help of leaders and staff, and the positive user experience make everyone present applause. 

At the end of the event, Philippines branch rewards those who support JM with a lucky draw which is warmly applauded and cheered over and again by the attendees.