High Speed Trains Titled with JM China Make Their First Departure

The departure ceremony for twelve high speed trains titled with JM China is held at Beijing South Railway Station on November 10th, 2015, attracting CCTV, BTV and other media outlets to cover the event. As the first enterprise to title sponsor high speed trains in the health industry of China, JM China has received extensive attention from the society. Enterprise executives and distributors attend the ceremony.

These 12 high speed routes linking two of the most busiest railways, Beijing to Guangzhou and Beijing to Shanghai lines, travel across the country’s prominent economic areas, connect to 11 provinces and cities, and will handle 400 million passengers annually, most of whom are well educated high income earners.

JM Chairman Joe Zhou addresses the press conference of the departure ceremony, he says that high speed rail travel has become a part of our life. We cooperate with High Speed Rail Authority since the high speed rail media has a wide coverage and the same customers with JM. Besides, Joe Zhou expresses the hope for promoting JM ’s value of healthy living to more and more people.

Before sponsoring high speed rail, JM China has cooperated with Youth Olympic Games, World Expo, China's General Administration of Sport, Tsinghua University and China Central Television successively. As JM China sponsors high speed rail, there will be millions of people see and hear the advertising messages of JM China whether on seat back, luggage rack, led screen or the train door.

After the ceremony, company executives together with reporters board the train and witness the first run of the high speed train titled with JM China. During the trip, the crew chief makes an introduction of the working principles of high speed train and show the fully automatic train operation process.


high speed train titled with JM China G15 makes the first departure


JM Chairman Joe Zhou addresses the ceremony


JM Executive Director Peter Li signs for the enterprise with China’s high speed rail


Advertisements of JM in the train


JM Chairman Joe Zhou receives an interview by journalists