Chairman Joe Zhou Has Dialogue with Greenspan, Summers and Forbes in NewYork

July 9, Chairman Joe Zhou has deep discussion and communication about the future of eco-health industry with Greenspan, Summers and Forbes in NewYork.

The concept of “eco-health” is first proposed by China healthcare leading power JM, and it has become a hot word in the past two years.


As former Chairman of Federal Reserve Greenspan says: “the healthcare industry has had rapid growth in the 19s century, and as the economy develops, the healthcare industry is bound to soar in the coming years.

Honored President of Harvard, famous American economist Dr. Summers also shows great confidence in development of the healthcare industry. He also points out it will be a great opportunity for China.


Editor-in-chief of Forbes stresses that the healthcare industry needs innovation to lead the future. JM’s unique development mode will greatly help promote the growth of the industry.

At the end of the seminar, Joe Zhou shows, “China is facing severe challenge of environment. However, this could also be a great opportunity for the healthcare industry. In current times, we need strength, integrity and innovation. These 3 qualities are our weapons to take the opportunity and win in the future.